More torrents

More torrents are now available. Almost all magazines should be online for torrents now. One or two are still missing, but they are small enough to wait for as they are single download files anyway. Pleas let us know if you like us torrenting or not. Just like or dislike this post on our facebook page, or drop a comment. If there aren’t enough positive likes, we won’t go through the trouble.



Amiga Forum Nr 3/92 (Norwegian)

Amiga_Forum_Issue_xxx_(1992-03)(Atlantis_Design)The first of a few (7) Norwegian magazines called Amiga Forum that was donated to me by Allan Gade, is now added. This opens up for a Norwegian section.

Coverdisks was shipped with these magazines. If you have any, please let me know/donate/scan/dump etc. Also getting the rest of these magazines online would be great.

Help preserve the leftovers, keep a lookout for the rest of the stuff please.

I don’t know much about these magazines, if you have any knowledge of the numbers, when the first release and/or the last release was, please let me know.