Rom Kernel Reference Manual WIP

Authors: Camilla Boemann, Jason Stead
Years of publishing: 2021
Notes: The RKRM (for OS3.2) on this page is a WIP project. Saving versioning, and making the manual available during work.

ROM Kernel Reference Manual
The Coveted Addendum

Link: Download - 229.15 KB
More: View more info


2 thoughts on “Rom Kernel Reference Manual OS32 WIP

  1. Thanks for the continuing work on the Amiga operating systems. In addition to still using ARP 1.3 in one system, I am also using OS 3.2, as well as OS 3.9. I still use the Amiga regularly, and am impressed at how reliable OS was from the beginning.
    In the early Amiga days, I switched to the Amiga Replacement Program 1.3 OS, which was written in machine code and was available on the Fred Fish Disks.
    What a great computer, even today.

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