CF Rescue disk for A600/A1200

CF Rescue ImageI’ve uploaded a new version of the Amiga CFRescue Disk.

I’ve packed the executable files so there would be space for DMS, there was only 8kb free space before.
After compressing several files, and adding dms, there’s 156kb free space now.


Zipped :



If you don’t know what this disk does, I’ll give you a short description.

The disk consists of software found on Aminet. TsGUI, HDInstTool, lha, dms, CF library and Fat95. But also the server part of Amiga Explorer lies on this disk.

All this has been gathered on a single disk, so you have the oppertunity to backup your A600/A1200 harddrive to a Fat formatted CF (Compact Flash) card using the PCMCIA port, or transfer your ADF files to diskettes or however you want to transfer.

What is it used for, and what are the thoughts behind doing it?

The disk is a small compilation of free software, to quickly get you up running from a virgin (or crashed) harddrive. It was made as a tool where you can transfer ADF files to disks, and with the support of the PCMCIA port it opens up for an easy way of transfering data between the Amiga 600/1200, creating i.e. Workbench diskettes so you can create a system from scratch even if you lack the physical disks. You can look at to find the adf files you need. Using TSGui you can also dump your existing harddrive partition to an other harddrive partition. But that can take a long time to do. You can of course also use the diskette in any other Amiga.

Recommended extras for the A600/1200 : PCMCIA to CF adapter, and a Fat formatted CF card.

Recommended extras for all other Amigas : Serial or Parallel cable, PC with serial or parallel interface, trial or bought version of the Amiga Explorer.

There is a usermanual on the disk that can help you out with the details.

Updated: 2014-12-20

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