The Final Cartridge III Manuals (Danish)

Riska_The_Final_Cartridge_III_Instructions_Manual_(da)[a4]Riska_The_Final_Cartridge_III_Instructions_Manual_(da)[a5]Morten Overgaard Hansen was so kind to borrow me these two The Final Cartridge III manuals. The first was the official (A4 size), at least that was the one I got when I bought my TFC3 cart. The second (A5 size) is from BMP data. Could this be from a time before the law changed -that hardware and software should have a Danish manual-? And BMP data just wanted to provide an excellent service?

Power Computing External Drive

Power_Computing_External_Drive_User_ManualPower Computing External Drive User Manual. The manual covers 5 drives, PC720/PC720E for the Atari and PC880, PC880B and Dual drive for the Amiga. The PC880B has some nice features like hardware antivirus (write protection for the bootblock), used as a drive for backing up diskettes using only the BLITZ software. Really interesting!

Thanks goes to RetroPlay for scanning this.