Tapuino now built into a C=1530 cassette deck

Thanks to Lars Møller who was so kind of donating a defective Commodore 1530 cassette player. Internal mechanism didn’t work, and the buttons was missing. I already had 2 tapuino v1.4 boards of spcbm (amibay) and of course the whole Tapuino concept by sweetlilmre / Peter Edwards. And I was meaning to do this anyway, put a tapuino into a C1530 that is, receiving a broken device was something I was waiting for, no way was I going to sacrifice a working piece of Commodore equipment.

At this time the internals aren’t finished, I still need to fasten the mainboard, cut a hole for the tape connector, and maybe even one for the usb head. I’m also considering to add a fake set of buttons, perhaps printet on a 3D printer.

Well for now things work as intended. Hotglue was used, a little too much and I had to replace 3 tactile buttons. The LED wasn’t supposed to be this one either. I had an other one which I moved the variable resistor for the contrast out, this was supposed to be set into the hole where the azimuth adjustment screw was supposed to be.

Enjoy the images and video.

20150320_15342920150321_130606 20150321_130628