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If you see an Image of the frontpage but status is unavailable, this means that I have the item, but it isn’t scanned yet.

Disk/CD: Magazines, Books etc. can have a coverdisk or CD, it’s attached here.

Link: The download link to the optimal item, no modification after adding the images as PDF which is mostly PNG or TIFF 300 or 600dpi.

OCR: This link has been OCR’ed, making the PDF’s searchable. The process can cause deskews, black borders, and bad quality.

Schematic: Some manuals have electronic schematics attached to them, this is it.

Status: Available/Unavailable speaks for itself. Remote -this iem is available from an other site.

Tablet Size: The pages have been resized to 1024 in width 1:1, and JPG compressed to 85%, the filesize is also much smaller. This makes them better suited for tablets, but looses a lot of the quality.




This website is to share the beautiful images, and great articles which was produced around the Commodore retro computers.

At the present time almost everything on the site is scanned by me, there are a few exceptions though. The material you see is either contributed by the community (see the pages for contributors), or owned by me.

The site offers Magazines and Books/Manuals, but time given I might also add the scans of my games.

There are several sites out there that hosts either magazines or books etc.

Some of them that offer their products are in a bad quality, and there are some that offer great quality, sites like http://oldgamemags.com gives justice to the high quality I’m talking about.

You’ll find a mix of colour, 8bit gray and B/W through my scans. Magazines are either in gray or colour, they usually have pictures so black’n’white doesn’t make sense. Some books has a mix, and depending on the amount of graphics that doesn’t look good in B/W, are either totally gray, or have those few pages in gray.

I’ve found that schematics are best in 8bit gray, compared to B/W, so these will be shown as said. A few books have schematics in them, these might be B/W as the pages are small and there are already better versions online.

Though most of this material is copyrighted, I do feel that it’s important to preserve this material and keep the spirit of the old Commodore machines alive. There are alot of great articles, and history (just take a look at the prices of the hard- / software in the magazines or commercials) which I try to make sure doesn’t get lost.


If you want to contact me, please use the webform below.


One thought on “About / Contact

  1. Hej

    Jeg har været ved at kigge på nettet, hvad de computer blade jeg har liggende er værd.
    Jeg faldt der over din hjemmeside, jeg kan godt lide projektet, så jeg vil give dig budet inden de ca. 50 blade jeg har kommer på dba.

    du skal få dem for 200,- kr. + evt. forsendelse.

    Heinrich, tlf.: 20112060

    Liste over blade:
    Navn på blad Nummer Årgang
    RUN 2 84
    RUN 1 85
    RUN 1/2 86
    RUN 3 86
    RUN 4 86
    IC RUN 3 87
    IC RUN 4 87
    IC RUN 5 87
    IC RUN 6/7 87
    IC RUN 8 87
    IC RUN 12 87
    IC RUN 1/2 88
    IC RUN 9/10 88
    IC RUN 11/12 88

    Navn på blad Nummer Årgang
    Uafhængigt COMputer 1 85
    Uafhængigt COMputer 1 86
    Uafhængigt COMputer 5 86
    Uafhængigt COMputer 6 86
    Uafhængigt COMputer 6 86
    Uafhængigt COMputer 7 86
    Uafhængigt COMputer 9 87
    Uafhængigt COMputer 1 88
    Uafhængigt COMputer 6 88
    Uafhængigt COMputer 11 88
    Uafhængigt COMputer 12 88

    Navn på blad Nummer Årgang
    Soft 1 85
    Soft 2 86
    Soft 3 86
    Soft 4 86
    Soft 5 86
    Soft 5 86
    Soft 6 86
    Soft 1 87
    Soft 2 87
    Soft 3 87
    Soft 4 87
    Soft 4 87
    Soft 5 87
    Soft 1 88
    Soft 2 88
    Soft 3 88

    Navn på blad Nummer Årgang
    Tast! 1 87
    Tast! 1 87
    Tast! 2 87
    Tast! 3 87

    Udenlandske blade
    Navn på blad Nummer Årgang
    64’er (Tysk) September 91
    Commodore (UK) April 89
    Commodore (UK) July 88
    Your Commodore (UK) Oktober 87

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