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The torrents contains all publications and extra contents from the site, up to the given date of the version.

Torrents will be updated every now and then. An empty text file is added in the dir with a date showing if you’re running the latest version. You can check the version reading the comment in the torrent file downloaded from the site it self, if your torrent client supports it that is.

We’ve chosen not to put a version numbering as part of the foldername. This is due to, it is faster and easier to update existing folders with new torrents, as the torrent client checks the destination folder and only updates changed/new stuff, saving time and bandwidth.

This also means you can just drop a single pdf file, downloaded from the site, in it’s proper torrent directory, and you won’t have to re download this when a new torrent is updated.

Please help seeding.

Old contents

Do make note that some files on the site will be redone as improved techniques are found during the years. So existing files will be replaced by new ones if we deem it worthy. I.e. if an existing manual is 100MB, and it can be reduced to 25MB or 50MB we will definitely do so.

Q: How can this be done without loosing quality?

A: Before late 2015 black/white pages were compressed using LZW, but CCITT.6 (G4 Fax) reduces each page to 1/3 of the size of LZW, keeping a lossless quality. Also some (when they aren’t too complicated) front/back pages are cleaned much better, reducing the coloured pages much better.

“*_ocr.pdf” files will get deleted at one time or another, being replaced by better versions. The “_ocr.pdf” files are a product of Acrobat 7 which produces huge pdf files when ocr’ed. Since the change to a different product, the ocr’ed files are only a fraction larger than they were before being ocr’ed.


You can find the torrent files, as a single section, or all combined in the zip file on top here:

We’ve also included some torrents that are not available on the site, some found on the net, and some in (Commodore) TOSEC-PIX

Last note

The best way of preserving something, is to have as many copies as possible.

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