DIY Open Source Stuff

We’re doing some different projects other than scans.

Some of the projects are added to github as open source projects.

You can see our projects here:

NOTE: The projects on this page that points to github, are moved to

the above URL. I’ll update the links when time permits.


An index of our projects (might not be updated)

3½” Diskette box hinge.

Replacement hinge for the diskette box.

Production time approx: 7-10 min.

IEC-Host box.

3D Print this box to protect the IEC-Host.

Production time approx: 4 hours.

RCEU540 – Amiga 4 Player Adapter

An adapter for the Amiga which gives 3rd and 4th joystick port, enabling 4 joysticks in total for supported games.

Box is availble on

RCEU530 – reArcade

A drop in replacement pcb for the Arcade joystick, using inexpensive ebay microswitches. As a feature, a 555 timer can be added to supply autofire functionality.

RCEU1205 – ATX to Amiga Power adapter

An adapter board that makes you use an ATX (or SFX) power supply. It has a few extra output pins for optional fans.

RCEU1520 – FlashFloppy OSD Adapter

A small adapter board which can help you, easier to connect the Bluepill to the Amiga and GOTEK drive

RCEU510 – Joystick Breakout

Small adapter to make it easier to measure signals going to/from the joystick port. Primarily for diagnostics or development purposes.

RCEU505 – A very simple joystick tester.

A simple joystick tester for Commodore/Atari joysticks.

RCEU2210 – C64 Cartridge Development board.

Another prototyping cartridge with built-in breadboard

RCEU2205 – Prototyping breakout.

Breakout for your more permanent prototyping needs, can take up to 3 common cart ports or DIL headers or mix as you like.

RCEU2215 – C64 Cartridge horizontal to vertical adapter.

Designed for C128DCR and 1541U2(+), to remove the stress on the IEC cables, and prevention of accidently resets, and possibility to move the C128DCR closer to the back wall.

RCEU2305 – 2364 to 27c64/27c128 adapter.

An adapter which you can use a 27c64 or 27c128 (add a switch to the 27c128 and you can run dual kernals/charsets), to replace the 23c64 roms in i.e. a C64. Hook a switch to the jumper pins and you have yourself a kernal or char switcher

RCEU1264 – C64/VIC20/C128 PSU

A full power supply, including enclosure, for the VIC20, C64 and C128, though a different connector is needed for the C128.

Rumors say that this pcb can also fit inside the C64c power supply.


RCEU1505 – 1541(-II) Parallel Adapter

An adapter to easier add a parallel port for the Commodore 1541 and 1541-II diskette drive.