DIY Open Source Stuff

We’ve doing some different projects along side scans.

Some of the projects are added to github as open source projects.

You can see our projects here:


An index of our projects (might not be updated)

A very simple joystick tester.

A simple joystick tester for Commodore/Atari joysticks.

C64 Cartridge Prototyping.

Another prototyping cartridge with built-in breadboard

Prototyping breakout.

Breakout for your more permanent prototyping needs, can take up to 3 common cart ports or DIL headers or mix as you like.

Cartridge horizontal to vertical adapter.

Designed for C128DCR and 1541U2(+), to remove the stress on the IEC cables, and prevention of accidently resets, and possibility to move the C128DCR closer to the back wall.

2364 to 27c64/27c128 adapter.

An adapter which you can use a 27c64 or 27c128 (add a switch to the 27c128 and you can run dual kernals/charsets), to replace the 23c64 roms in i.e. a C64. Hook a switch to the jumper pins and you have yourself a kernal or char switcher