The Final Cartridge III Manuals (Danish)

Riska_The_Final_Cartridge_III_Instructions_Manual_(da)[a4]Riska_The_Final_Cartridge_III_Instructions_Manual_(da)[a5]Morten Overgaard Hansen was so kind to borrow me these two The Final Cartridge III manuals. The first was the official (A4 size), at least that was the one I got when I bought my TFC3 cart. The second (A5 size) is from BMP data. Could this be from a time before the law changed -that hardware and software should have a Danish manual-? And BMP data just wanted to provide an excellent service?

C64 stuff added

CSI_Snapshot_64_Enhancement_Disk Kracker_Jax_Commercial Datel_Cartridge_Development_System Trilogic_C64_DoctorUffe has supplied some C64 stuff. Here are 2 commercials:

  • Snapshot 64 Enhancement Disk from CSM Software Inc
  • Kracker Jax – 1581 Toolkit, RAMBoard, C128 upgrades, Maverick and more.

There are 2 manuals as well:

  • C64 Doctor (diagnostic cartridge) from Trilogic
  • Cartridge Development System from Datel

Due to the amount of commercials he’s borrowed me, I’ve opened a new section, look in Misc from the menu, and C64 Commercials. When I get commercials for other computers they’ll be added in their respective sections too.

The Snapshot 64 enhancement disk commercial has had some love. Not only is it OCR’ed but I’ve edited using a wordprocessor, resulting it to be real truetype fonts in the PDF.