GVP HD+/HD8 with Card reader

Recently I aquired a GVP HD+ without any shell. It works perfectly and has 8 megs of ram on board.

It came with a Quantum ProDrive LPS 50MB, unfortunately these old drives have a habit of getting bad blocks, I have 3-4 of these drives, all bad. The drives also “sing” while on. So it’s very noisy.

Quantum ProDrive LPSI found a very small Compact Flash card as a test to replace this drive.

32MB Compact Flash card

So here’s the setup with the SCSI Card Reader connected to the GVP HD+

A500 with GVP HD+ and SCSI Card reader

The SCSI Cardreader which I got off -the now dead- a4000t.com store (the link points to the wayback machines copy of the site).

SCSI Card Reader


And it works perfectly using the GVP FastPrep software.
Prepping a CF Card in SCSI Card reader

So the endresult is a silent GVP HD8+/HD+ with a card reader and easy access to the cards.

A note of the card reader is that each device is attached as LUN’s so If I have each type of card, I could have as many drives. The card reader takes Compact Flash, PCMCIA (the PCMCIA to CF works also), SD/MMC, Memory Disk and SmartMedia.