Amiga Technical

Here you'll find Schematics, technical manuals, and help to repair.
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Amiga CD32 Service Addendum

Link: Download - 987.45 KB
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Amiga 500
Netzteil Schematic

Link: Download - 994.54 KB
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Commodore Amiga 500
Power Supply schematic

Link: Download - 376.3 KB
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Amiga 500
Technical Manual

Link: Download - 12.91 MB
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Amiga 1060
Sidecar Schematics

Link: Download - 38.02 MB
Missing:  Photocopy, needs replacing
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Amiga 2000 Kursus
XT/AT Kit og
HDD Installation

Link: Download - 1.07 MB
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Amiga 2000 Technical Manual

Link: Download - 107.7 MB
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The Amiga 3000+
System Specification

Link: Download - 671.04 KB
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Agnus replacement

Link: Download - 238.57 KB
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Amiga Computer Model 1000
Assembly Level Repair
Component Level Repair

Link: Download - 26.59 MB
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CDTV Service Manual

Link: Download - 27.2 MB
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Standard for
Interchange Format Files

Link: Download - 17.19 MB
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Service Manual

Link: Download - 2.73 MB
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Power Supply for Amiga 1000
- European Version
Shindengen Model Name CA1000PS/EC

Link: Download - 558.18 KB
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Schematic for Amiga
External Drive 5.25"

Link: Download - 404.61 KB
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  1. Hello,
    thank you from France for the A2286 technical manual :-)..
    .I can now try to investigated mine..
    I wish you a perfect 2017 new year

  2. This is an awesome site. I worked with Amiga’s back in early 90’s for a virtual reality company in England and US. I really appreciate your dedication to the Amiga family.

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