Amiga Advis – Status update

Amiga Advis 1997 05The section Amiga Advis (Danish) is now in a “complete” state. Which means that it has the frontpage of all the magazines I have of this magazine, plus I’ve marked which magazines are still missing from this list.

If you, or someone you know, has access to any of the missing mags, and are willing to lend/part of these mags, please contact me so I can scan them, or you can scan yourself.

Amiga Advis 5/97 added

Amiga Advis 1997 05So it’s time yet for an other magazine. The magazines are added more or less of a random, but no more random that what lies on top of the stack of magazines.

I had to scan this magazine at 2 different times. Apparently I was missing a few pages after the first time. Luckily I don’t throw out the magazines after they are scanned. They are donated to the museum only after it’s verified, uploaded and then verified again. So far I have 3 plastic bags ready to be delivered after post-processing them. I hope to bring some more during this week, so stay tuned.

Amiga Advis 1/99

Amiga Advis 1/99Yet an other Danish Magazine is added, Amiga Advis 1/99.

I recently bought a Blu-Ray burner so I can backup the scanned images here. Yes I’m keeping the original images, but also the post-processed ones. Since each page is around 28megs, it’s a lot of data even for DVD’s. I ordered some Blu-Ray media, but I received DVD media instead, the person who packed it even put a checkmark for the packed stuff. I wonder how one can see a 25 pack blu-ray spindle, becomes a 50 pack dvd spindle. Anyway since I didn’t have much space on my NAS, 5GB free, I’m now making a backup of all finished stuff to a harddrive.

This will hopefully make enought space for the vast amounts of magazines, books and manuals I’ve stored on my portable computer.