Matrix – Software for C128

PP&S_MatrixNew section opened with the manual to Matrix.


The info below is taken from the box.




One: Matrix lets you use these powerful C-128 features with your existing C-64 software.

  • 80 Column
  • Numeric keypad and utility keys
  • Runs twice as fast at 2MHz.

Two: Matrix gives you these new C-64 mode capabilities:

  • Transparent disk utilities, including:
    • Full feature sector editor with bad sector editing and correction.
    • 10 second disk formtting.
    • Directory list and much more.
  • Transparent screen dump at any time.
  • Fast loaders – load programs 500% faster.

Three: Matrix provides new and powerful utilities such as:

  • Directory manager for editing of 1541, 1571 or other compatible disk directories.
  • Fast copiers that will copy single or double sided disks in 1 to 4 minutes.
  • Autoboot makers will allow your C-64 and C-128 programs to load and run themselves on powerup.