Torrents updated

The following torrents has been updated:


To update your library simply remove the torrents from your program, keep the data.


Rename the folder “RCEU-8-Bit_Commercials_(Update)_(2018-01-07)” to “RCEU-Commercials_8Bit_(2018-01-20)”.

Rename the folder “RCEU-Hardware_Amiga_(2017-10-07)” to “RCEU-Manuals_Hardware_Amiga”

move all content from “RCEU-Hardware_Amiga_*” and “RCEU-Manuals_Amiga_Hardware_*” into “RCEU-Manuals_Hardware_Amiga”. (there aren’t that many files).

In the future, whole sections won’t have a date stamp in the folder name, but will have a text file with the date, this way you won’t need to rename the main folder, but still keep track of what you have stored.

Download the new torrents. And please keep seeding.


More torrents

More torrents are now available. Almost all magazines should be online for torrents now. One or two are still missing, but they are small enough to wait for as they are single download files anyway. Pleas let us know if you like us torrenting or not. Just like or dislike this post on our facebook page, or drop a comment. If there aren’t enough positive likes, we won’t go through the trouble.



New download oppertunities

We’ve started adding the sections to be downloadable using torrent network. Big thanks to AmigaCity, for allowing us to use their tracker.

Not all sections have been added yet, but they’ll come slowly. The reason it takes time is that since when we first started doing scans till now we’ve learned better ways to make the publications. These improvements will get added to the existing publications when possible. But they also take time to do.

What is torrent? – Torrent is a peer to peer network which can share files, so if you download from the site using torrents you’ll get access to larger bandwidth than just the webserver. Most torrent clients will give you a choice on what to download, so if you only want one publication, you can click on the torrent, open it with your torrent client, and deselect all other files than the publication you want, and at a much higher bandwidth than just the regular download.

Due to many updates we’ve decided to only make section updates (everything on that page/section i.e. Amiga Hardware) every 3 months or so, so a new publication will have it’s own torrent. When the quarterly updates happen, all the single publication torrents will get merged into the section torrent, and the single torrents will get removed. This schedule might change.

After downloading, please continue seeding.