Ranting off our chests

We’ve noticed that DLH from bombjack grabs our scans and removes the back page. We’ve of course sent him a mail about removing our modified publications from his site, but he has ignored us so far. I used to have respect for him and his work, but alas that is of course gone now. So, should we continue on the path with common goals, or should we just not add more stuff?

Other options could also be to only release low quality publications from our own scans, make high quality a paid service, watermark the pages.

Now why the rant you may say, well though we do borrow and get contributions, most of the stuff is also paid of, from money from our own pockets. And while BJ gets quite a nice amount of money in contributions, he basically gets paid for our publications as well. We aren’t as known and large as his site, so people will of course go to the place with most contents.

Drop a comment, but please keep a nice tone.

More torrents

More torrents are now available. Almost all magazines should be online for torrents now. One or two are still missing, but they are small enough to wait for as they are single download files anyway. Pleas let us know if you like us torrenting or not. Just like or dislike this post on our facebook page, or drop a comment. If there aren’t enough positive likes, we won’t go through the trouble.