Joystick Breakout and cleanup on Electronics projects

Added is the Joystick Breakout, which is a small board where you can do measurements on signals to/from the joystick ports. It’s meant for development and/or diagnostics, if you find more uses for it, please let me know 🙂


Both a male and female DB9 connector for wires is needed.

I’ve also done a lot of cleanup on Github, normalizing directory names, streamlined the products etc. This should make it easier to identify if you have many projects in the same folder.

There are quite a few products on their way, once I’ve tested them that is.

C64 / VIC20 / C128 PSU open sourced

We’ve open sourced our designs for a modern C64 that won’t kill your C64 it if breaks.

Using the 4A part will make it powerful enough to power a C128. Everything, well almost, you need is described in the project of github.

You can find a link to the project in our DIY Open Source Stuff page, found in the menu Misc -> Own Production.

It is rumored that the pcb can be fit inside the C64c model of the brick psu.

Feedback welcome.