I’m sorry that I don’t get to make so many scans these days.

Due to some things happening in my personal life atm, this of course takes a lot of my time.

It doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped doing scans, as you might have seen, I’ve acually gotten some help from Laxity/Martin Sørensen. So you’ll see some updates from him from time to time.

I’ll try and make atleast 1 or 2 updates every 14 days.



Site down

As you might have noticed, the site was down from Thursday night till sometime today. This was due to the ISP changing some equipment, and problems afterward getting a static IP. This resulted in a busy, and wasted weekend with lots of support calls, but now the site is back and up running.

We have been posting updates on Facebook, so if you feel left out, I suggest you go and follow our facebook page.

Smaller OCR files, and new layout.

8-Bit-R2D2   I found a new program -that I’m testing- to process OCR on PDF’s, the resulting searchable PDF’s are smaller using this program. For now I’ve finished 8-bit Books and Amiga Books. It costs around $70 which is a good price for what I’m looking for in a PDF program.

The two Abacus books which are available were approx 600MB each for the searchable PDF’s, now they a just a tad larger than the original, so 100MB and150MB respectivly.

I’m also in the middle of slowly switching the layout. giving the oppertunity to add more info for each publication. So far the Misc books sections have been changed. I hope you like it.

Something new is that fulltext files of each pdf are also being added to make it easier for search engines to parse the files.

New C64 cases from Dallas Moore Kickstarter

Today I got my C64 cases from the Kickstarter project.

I thought I’d got a nice well packed package all the way from USA,

that wasn’t the case, a handful of chips was all that “protected” the 2 cases.

1Unboxing, I just removed the tape opening up to this well protected sight.2Removing the clear case.3Plenty of protection, nothing is saved. Packed in America means something again.4Inspecting the plasticbags shows signs of a human knife or similar + the 2 objects really have gone at it with eachother in those close quaters.5Close up of that knife. And no the knife cut isn’t mine as I don’t cut like that.6First inspection, it doesn’t look good, has this been on the blue it wouldn’t have been a problem, but as this can be seen through, I’m not satisfied.7Someone being close up with a solder iron? Strangely enough this mark isn’t on the transparent case, thus Dallas excuses that it’s an old mold.

8The blue is really light blue, and there is a visible but slight nuance difference between the top and bottom.9And the transparent.10You can see the inner text, etc through this.

27776f1a778528cd1b23d3f3223363dd_originalCheck out those colours, specially the navy blue one.

Dallas Moore’s reply for these damages is that the molds are old – and they did their best.

While the damages are small, It is far from a pleasent experience receiving something in bad condition. And wrong colours for that matter.

Now I’m just waiting for the keys ordered on Indigogo.


Beginning of a new section – 3D

3d-sectionWhile I’m in the process of doing some 3D objects, I thought I’d post a few of these as a test setup before the final page is finished.

The pages are quite static, but I asure you the objects are not.

These links will probably break in the near future as the static pages will be removed, and the dynamic pages come up.

Feedback (and scans) are much appreciated.


UPDATE 2015-04-01: Added C128 + A1200 Magic Pack

UPDATE 2015-04-04: C1531

UPDATE 2015-04-11: C1581, Made a temp page containing the list here: Can be found in the menu Misc.




Dansk Amos Bruger Gruppe

diskette_thumbPeter Jørgensen and Jan Normann Nielsen has been so kind to make their copies of DABG (Danish Amos User Group) available.

Disk 5 has bad blocks, so I’m still on the lookout for this one.

Disk 10 is missing the original label, so this one is missing as well.

As far as they are concerned there has been no more releases than # 11.

For now there are no fancy pages so a download listing is sufficient.



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