Amiga Interface goes tablet

Amiga InterfaceI’ve made all the Amiga Interface magazines as tablet versions too. They’re around 20 megs in size.

In the same run I’ve removed the links to the OCR’ed versions and added the full versions (yes, the ocr process makes the images into a bad quality).

The OCR’ed issues were 3,4 and 6 and can still be aquireable by adding (ocr) to the download filename just before .pdf.  Just right click on the download link, copy and paste the link into the browsers address bar, and add the text.


PET Dual Diskettedrive manual

Commodore Dual Floppy Disk Drives Users ManualThe User manual for CBM 5 1/4″ dual diskette drives are now online. Unfortunately the (a) previous owner had written on some of the pages. I hope you find it useful regardless.

EDIT: As my HDD in my server crashed and I didn’t have a backup of this PDF file, I’ve reconstructed it, while doing so I’ve discovered some doublet pages which are removed in this newer version. If you’ve downloaded this pdf file prior today (29/12-2013) you should get this newer version that fixes some doublet pages.

You can check the version number in the metadata of the PDF file, this new version is called v1.1 under Author (in Acrobat Reader press CTRL-D to view metadata).