Forlaget Audio

COMPuter_Issue_002_1985-11Today I got a notification that Forlaget Audio had published their Retro Magazine page, from the main website you can find the link “Retro magasiner” in the “Menu” section.

I’ve updated the pages to link directly to each magazine accordingly.

These magazines (except for Ny Elektronik) are the fruits of many hours behind-the-scene and are the reason why updates here on the site haven’t been so steady.

Amiga Interface goes tablet

Amiga InterfaceI’ve made all the Amiga Interface magazines as tablet versions too. They’re around 20 megs in size.

In the same run I’ve removed the links to the OCR’ed versions and added the full versions (yes, the ocr process makes the images into a bad quality).

The OCR’ed issues were 3,4 and 6 and can still be aquireable by adding (ocr) to the download filename just before .pdf.  Just right click on the download link, copy and paste the link into the browsers address bar, and add the text.


New Amiga Interface magazine added

Amiga Interface issue3Amiga Interface Issue 3 is added. 60 Colourful pages all in Danish 🙂

The magazine has gone through OCR, so it’s searchable.

While Adobe does OCR it also compress the images, Making this magazine much smaller ca 60megs compared to the original non OCR’ed which is at 289megs.

I’d like a comment on the quality if it’s still good or not.