SOFT Nr 6 1987 (Danish)

SOFT_Issue_18_(1987-12)(Bladcompagniet)[150dpi]Thanks to Christian Lyng and René Pedersen (TaunusAnden) this last magazine of SOFT which completes the collection – Soft Nr 6 1987 is now added.

With this I’d like to thanks the following: Thomas Rønne Viborg, Christian Lyng, René Pedersen (TaunusAnden), Michael Bruhn and Jesper Børre Mangelsen, (did I miss anyone?) for donations, scanning and lending these magazines, making it possible to complete the collection.

I’d still like to access Issue 2 1985 and Issue 2 1987 to get a better scan.

There are also some Top Secret booklets missing – Top Secret are pages containing cheat codes, pokes, hints etc. If you have any that doesn’t show on the page, and are willing to donate, lend, and/or scan, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the contacts page/form.