More updated type-ins

diskette_thumbOne can really feel the weather is great for doing retro stuff.

Once more Jan Normann Nielsen and RetroPlay have supplied type-ins.

I can only wonder the amount of time they use for checking for type errors, making sure symbols are the right ones -some of the page prints aren’t easy to read- and correcting errors that are inside the original listings as well.

There might be mistakes in the prior update post, but I won’t correct that as It’ll take too much time for me to sort out.

Well a listing with updates from both:

Jan Normann:


Forlaget Audio

COMPuter_Issue_002_1985-11Today I got a notification that Forlaget Audio had published their Retro Magazine page, from the main website you can find the link “Retro magasiner” in the “Menu” section.

I’ve updated the pages to link directly to each magazine accordingly.

These magazines (except for Ny Elektronik) are the fruits of many hours behind-the-scene and are the reason why updates here on the site haven’t been so steady.


TASTA new section with all it’s mags are now open. TAST is a Danish magazine, containing type-in programs for the Commodore 64. All these scans are done by Trash99, which was done a long time ago.

The new section can be found from the Magazines menu under Danish.