Deluxe Paint II Manual

EOA_Deluxe_Paint_IIThis is far from any of my better manuals. Unfortunately the Manual was in a bad shape when It was donated to me (and you) the pages were crusty after having been in a damp environment, so the paper couldn’t touch the surface of the scanner properly. Here’s the result.

I’m not proud of it, but it’s better than nothing.


Amiga Comal (UniComal) is now added

UniComal_Amiga ComalThe Amiga Comal manual is now released.

There’s a small story with this one.

A collegue of mine at the museum, was collecting Comal stuff and asked me if Comal existed for the Amiga, just the week before this I aquired this software with manual, so I could gladly tell him that it did. I was at the same time scanning the Amiga Interface magazines, and a mere 20 min later of his question, I saw an article in one of the later magazines. Call that coincidence?

This manual comes in a box, with an insert of a binder, good quality stuff.

I’ve added the separator pages which is wider than the regular pages.