Super Bread Box – C64 Cartridge –

I love original packages, specially with nice contents.
RGCD keeps delivering some really nice packages, and now with small posters as well.
Super Bread Box Contents

The skulls didn’t come with the package.

It’s been a few years (2?) since I tried Super Bread Box, and I must say it’s quite simple but highly addictive. The same goes for Assembloids which I also have on a cart from RGCD.
The Deluxe package is definately worth it, and while this is my third (only, sorry James) that I bought, I definately feel the quality is top notch. It doesn’t have a keyboard overlay or a thick manual like the MicroProse games, but the general experience with the RGCD cartridges come close to those game boxes.
As you might have discovered, a huge part of my whole game experience is the box and contents. Hence I love games boxes from MicroProse, Goldbox series (Pool of Radiance series, Champions of Krynn etc) and more of this kind.
I have many fond memories of playing Mario Bros – the old platform game where you jump into the ceiling to flip over the monster walking on the level above you. Not only fond memories but laughable fun as well in two player mode. I can surely say I generally don’t like platformers, but there are a few exceptions, Mario Bros and Super Bread Box are a couple of those exceptions.
Now Super Bread Box is somewhat similar to Mario Bros, but instead of jumping into the ceiling, You start with a puny pistol which you need to use on killing the monsters comming from the top levels. What you actually need to do is get a certain amount of crates as possible to be able to exit the level only yo get to the next. Random spawns and random crate contents makes this sometimes hazardous for your health. You also get the chance of getting better weapons when you pick up a certain amount of crates.
Recommended is a joystick with a fast autofire for that puny pistol.
Otherwise turn it off 🙂
You can get the game on CSDB as well but really. Support the guys who made the game and buy it.
RGCD or Psytronik are the places to go for stores with original games these days.
Official website:
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