Smaller OCR files, and new layout.

8-Bit-R2D2   I found a new program -that I’m testing- to process OCR on PDF’s, the resulting searchable PDF’s are smaller using this program. For now I’ve finished 8-bit Books and Amiga Books. It costs around $70 which is a good price for what I’m looking for in a PDF program.

The two Abacus books which are available were approx 600MB each for the searchable PDF’s, now they a just a tad larger than the original, so 100MB and150MB respectivly.

I’m also in the middle of slowly switching the layout. giving the oppertunity to add more info for each publication. So far the Misc books sections have been changed. I hope you like it.

Something new is that fulltext files of each pdf are also being added to make it easier for search engines to parse the files.

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Carsten is a Commodore enthusiast with the goal of preserving as much Commodore information as possible, whether it being hardcopy or digital. Besides scanning for this site, he also dumps tapes and disks for preservation and contributes to the TOSEC database.

3 thoughts on “Smaller OCR files, and new layout.

  1. Nice job indeed, can I ask you what software are you using? I’m in the middle of doing a similar job, so I’m looking for a sw that works fine with OCR operation and provides a good low-size text-searchable PDF. Thanks

    • While the program I’ve been testing is the Abbyy PDF Transformer+ it doesn’t make the file smaller than the original, the Adobe Acrobat can do that, but that will also affect the quality. But ot does make a smaller file than Adobe Acrobat using the same quality as the original.

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