Commodore 1801 Monitor User’s Guide

commodore_1802_users_guide_deenCommodore 1801 User’s Guide (English and German) added.

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Carsten is a Commodore enthusiast with the goal of preserving as much Commodore information as possible, whether it being hardcopy or digital. Besides scanning for this site, he also dumps tapes and disks for preservation and contributes to the TOSEC database.

4 thoughts on “Commodore 1801 Monitor User’s Guide

    • sorry for my late reply and the incomplete first post.

      I still get this error with this specific download. Others are working fine.


      Browser Chrome x64

      • thanks for the error message, I can reproduce the error now.
        I don’t have much time atm to fix it, but firefox works.
        so those files with parantheses and maybe even commas in the filename should be downloaded with FF (atleast until I get it fixed sometime in the near future)

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