Amiga Desktop Video Guide

Amiga Desktop Video Guide.

Apparently it didn’t help writing the rant some time ago. So from now on, you’ll see watermarks on the pages. And very rare stuff won’t get published.

You can all thank David for that. Back in the day we actually used a title for people like David… lamer.

Until he removes all the scans, he’s taken from this site, from his site, this will not change.


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About Carsten Jensen

Carsten is a Commodore enthusiast with the goal of preserving as much Commodore information as possible, whether it being hardcopy or digital. Besides scanning for this site, he also dumps tapes and disks for preservation and contributes to the TOSEC database.

3 thoughts on “Amiga Desktop Video Guide

  1. Hiya mate,
    It’s a shame you’ve come to the decision to watermark or not release content as in the end all it really does is hurt the rest of the people visiting your site rather than David Haynes himself.
    I released a previously unscanned issue of Amiga User International yesterday and I have no doubt it will end up on his website. The thing is it will likely end on and a host of other sites too. I have another issue ready to scan as well. I just decided that the preservation aspect was something I could control and was far more interested in than worrying about what happens to my scans on the wild, wild internet.
    Why not take a different route? Download all the files off his site and make a new directory called Bombjack Mirror on your website and make all his content available here. The you cam make comments like “crappy DLH scan” beside his low res versions along with a link to your Uber versions of the same title? If he is essentially doing that to you then it’s only fair to do the same to him. However, if you think he is the only one rehosting your scans that would be pretty naïve thinking my friend!!

  2. Yes, did the same thing with the ACAR scans I made, just uploaded them all without asking, nor any mention of where they came from.

    As it happens I don’t mind really. But I just thought I should mention that they are no better than DLH in that regard; it seems to be usual.

  3. No surprises there. Jason Scott @ basically site ripped all my content and made it available under his name over there as well.

    But that’s the internet for you. No honour amongst thieves mate!!

    At the end of the day it boils down to what a persons goals are. If it’s preservation and making files available for people then you have to deal with the fact people will use your files any way they see fit including rehosting them elsewhere.

    The only way to control your files 100% is basically to not make them available which goes against the preservation goal. Personally, I don’t see that as a viable goal as if that were the case I couldn’t see the point of debinding my physical mags in the first place. But that’s just me.

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