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8-Bit Development Books and Docs

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6502 Applications Book

Link: Download - 35.36 MB
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BASIC på Commodore

Link: Download - 23.06 MB
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Comal 80 på 64eren

Link: Download - 22.67 MB
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Tillæg til Comal-80 på 64'eren
for brugere af revision 2.0

Link: Download - 498.02 KB
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Sprite Grafik
med Comal
På Commodore

Link: Download - 12.14 MB
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Teach yourself
Computer Programming
with the Commodore 64

Link: Download - 16.24 MB
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Programmer selv BASIC

Link: Download - 64.8 MB
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Programmering i BASIC

Link: Download - 5.25 MB
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Trident Software
User's Manual

Link: Download - 1.43 MB
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Håndbog 1

Link: Download - 18.85 MB
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Norsk Programmeringskurs
Datakurs I

Link: Download - 22.27 MB
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Ik en mijn Commodore

Link: Download - 13.13 MB
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11 thoughts on “C64 Development

    • You’re welcome, there are more Dutch books on the site, just hit the “Dutch” in the taglist to the right, when viewing the site from the main page – there should be more than that but I guess I haven’t tagged them all.
      I think I have a little more Dutch stuff, but otherwise donations are more than welcome 🙂

  1. I am dusting off my old computers (C128,A500+,A4000) and have “lost” all my manuals , am very grateful for the books !

  2. Thanks, and specifically thanks for the Comal books. I have the paper version, but it is much easier to find the information when it is on the HD.

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