Tekno Amiga (Danish)










Tekno Amiga – Danish version of the manuals, thanks to Jan Charington Klein. This set is quite unique and most likely rare – I’ve recently acquired a set without box and manuals thinking it would probably be the only leftovers in existance in Denmark, luck would have it that a complete set recently appeared and was bought by a friend.

Box and software will appear on this site on a later date.
Some pictures of the box can be seen here.

e5frog has also recently made the Swedish version available.

Amiga Genlock 1300 User’s Guide

Amiga Genlock 1300 User’s Guide is now added, this is with permission from Bo Zimmerman, who was the person making this PDF.

Check out his site to see the hardware.

His site has been online for ages, and has a lot of awesome stuff.

I’d bet you already has visited his site on several occasions? If not, you should 🙂