Trackman Marble on the Amiga

trackman-marble-galleryI wanted to see if any new trackballs still work with the Amiga, finding the Trackman Marble‘s specs it does say USB/PS/2 protocols.

So today I picked up this nice trackball. I plugged it into my Jerry+ adapter which takes PS/2 protocol mice (and trackballs) it worked perfectly. It didn’t come with a USB to PS/2 adapter, but I don’t need that for the Jerry adapter.

The Trackman Marble runs at a nice speed, and if you get used to using trackballs it’s a good piece of hardware.

The Jerry/Jerry+ adapters are like other standard PS/2 to Amiga adapters, works perfectly. The Jerry adapters has USB interface instead of PS/2 so you don’t need to use the USB to PS/2 adapter to use this. I bought my Jerry adapters off a seller on ebay I believe it is this guy. He might also be found on Amibay as well.

The price is really becoming for ~$30 as referenced on the Logitech website.

Below in the video I show the trackman in use. Though a little handicapped with the camera in one hand and trying to show the trackball together with the monitor in the other hand.