Amiga Format Issue 66 added

Amiga Format Issue 066While I’ve should have been with some of the other danish amigans this weekend, I was attacked by a migrane. “Luckily” for me it isn’t one of the bad ones where one need total isolation. Though too much noise and physical movement, does seem to have an impact on me.

I found that I had a good scan of Amiga Format Issue 66, only the front and pack pages has been undergoing some of my magic. I think the quality of the pages are good which is why I didn’t do much work on these other than the batch processing of rotation and cropping.

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Carsten is a Commodore enthusiast with the goal of preserving as much Commodore information as possible, whether it being hardcopy or digital. Besides scanning for this site, he also dumps tapes and disks for preservation and contributes to the TOSEC database.

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