Cheap Video converters?

I’ve made a video showing the video differences between Composite, GBS-8200 (can also be GBS-8220) and the SCART to HDMI converter.

Unfortunately it’s not as easy to record a TV so there are some stripes.

My conclusion is that the GBS-8200 and SCART to HDMI converter gives an even picture -qualitywise-.

Having a box for the converter is great though.


2 thoughts on “Cheap Video converters?

    • I have thought about it, my concern is where to store it when I don’t use it. But if you have any suggestions for a working (cheap/used) that takes hdmi/dvi and scart -vga could be really useful as well- as input, I might consider acquiring one. I’ve been looking at hdmi capture cards as they only take internal space of a computer, down side is the ones I’ve found can’t take scart/rgb.

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