Amigas and Monitors Engineering Change Request, 31 August 1993

Added Amigas and Monitors Engineering Change Request, August 31, 1993 with thanks to Ove Mejlgaard.

Contains schematics 365377-01 (video buffering with sync generation) and 365377-02 (simple video buffering) 23-pin RGB to 15-pin VGA adapters as well as PCB artwork drawings for 390682-03 23-pin to 15-pin adapter.

Cheap Video converters?

I’ve made a video showing the video differences between Composite, GBS-8200 (can also be GBS-8220) and the SCART to HDMI converter.

Unfortunately it’s not as easy to record a TV so there are some stripes.

My conclusion is that the GBS-8200 and SCART to HDMI converter gives an even picture -qualitywise-.

Having a box for the converter is great though.