New C64 cases from Dallas Moore Kickstarter

Today I got my C64 cases from the Kickstarter project.

I thought I’d got a nice well packed package all the way from USA,

that wasn’t the case, a handful of chips was all that “protected” the 2 cases.

1Unboxing, I just removed the tape opening up to this well protected sight.2Removing the clear case.3Plenty of protection, nothing is saved. Packed in America means something again.4Inspecting the plasticbags shows signs of a human knife or similar + the 2 objects really have gone at it with eachother in those close quaters.5Close up of that knife. And no the knife cut isn’t mine as I don’t cut like that.6First inspection, it doesn’t look good, has this been on the blue it wouldn’t have been a problem, but as this can be seen through, I’m not satisfied.7Someone being close up with a solder iron? Strangely enough this mark isn’t on the transparent case, thus Dallas excuses that it’s an old mold.

8The blue is really light blue, and there is a visible but slight nuance difference between the top and bottom.9And the transparent.10You can see the inner text, etc through this.

27776f1a778528cd1b23d3f3223363dd_originalCheck out those colours, specially the navy blue one.

Dallas Moore’s reply for these damages is that the molds are old – and they did their best.

While the damages are small, It is far from a pleasent experience receiving something in bad condition. And wrong colours for that matter.

Now I’m just waiting for the keys ordered on Indigogo.