Updated List! software package

I’ve updated the software package for the List! magazine. There are now 6 type-ins, where one has been taken from GB64. I’ve named the new package as v2, version bumping will happen when more filles gets added.

Thanks to RetroPlay for typing (copy/paste ocr) these games.

The package now consists of:

  • (c64) 4 på stribe (4 in a row)
  • (c64) Bøvse Reset (Burp/Belch Reset)
  • (c64) Darth Vaders revenge
  • (c64) Hot Space Duel (from GB64)
  • (c64) Intruders
  • (c16) Car Race

New section, List

List! Issue 01RetroPlay, who are known for making new WHDLoad releases, got this magazine in an auction. At the time of writing it isn’t known if this is the only Issue ever released.

A great Thanks to RetroPlay for aquiring this magazine.

On an other note. Kiwi, over at http://oldgamemags.com, is putting a last hand on tweaking his site using my PHP script. I think we are both equally satisfied with the result.
At a later time, I might implement the code on this site here as well. He had some very good ideas which I really like.