Amiga Format 104 & 107 Updated

As I promised yesterday, I would clean up all the pages in the newly added magazines.

_0016 _0016

As you can see from the result, it’s a major improvement.

Unfortunately, because of the large amount of pages, Amiga Format will be added with JPG images, as opposed to PNG. Acrobat does a little work on them to compress the images while I OCR them too. Each magazine would otherwise be around 500 megs in size.

Amiga Format Issue 66 added

Amiga Format Issue 066While I’ve should have been with some of the other danish amigans this weekend, I was attacked by a migrane. “Luckily” for me it isn’t one of the bad ones where one need total isolation. Though too much noise and physical movement, does seem to have an impact on me.

I found that I had a good scan of Amiga Format Issue 66, only the front and pack pages has been undergoing some of my magic. I think the quality of the pages are good which is why I didn’t do much work on these other than the batch processing of rotation and cropping.

New Amiga Interface magazine added

Amiga Interface issue3Amiga Interface Issue 3 is added. 60 Colourful pages all in Danish 🙂

The magazine has gone through OCR, so it’s searchable.

While Adobe does OCR it also compress the images, Making this magazine much smaller ca 60megs compared to the original non OCR’ed which is at 289megs.

I’d like a comment on the quality if it’s still good or not.

New indicator

newI’ve added this small indicator for all new scans.

This symbol will be displayed for 14 days, taken from the timestamp of the scans. I think a month is too long, and a week is too short. If you disagree with me, leave a comment. It could very well be that I’ll make a select box with options. Atm. I don’t think it’s neccessary.